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The recipes for both the hot sauce and the jelly came from Roosevelt’s parents who live in Georgia and have been making homemade sauces and preserves for over 30 years. One particular summer they came to visit and had a family cookout. Roosevelt Sr. put the hot sauce and jelly on the table, Roosevelt and D’ette sat back and watched in awe at everyone’s reaction as to how good the hot sauce and jelly were. At the time, Roosevelt and D’ette were both unemployed. They had shared ideas about starting a family business instead of going back to a 9 to 5. As fate would have it, right there on a card table in the driveway was the family business. So as an ode to Roosevelt’s parents, Poppa’s Gourmet Hot Sauce and Momma’s Hot Pepper Jelly was created to share with the world.

R&D Foods is a leader in the specialty food category, providing quality products to consumers, restaurants and grocery stores. Our mission is to provide our customers with excellent, quality products made from fresh, all natural ingredients so that all your dishes come alive. R&D Foods offers the finest hot sauce and hot pepper jelly. The two brands that we offer are Poppa’s Gourmet Hot and Momma’s Hot Pepper Jelly.

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